Mandurah is nestled between glorious sandy beaches and inspiring estuary waters and wetlands inundated with wildlife, birds and dolphins.

Mandurah is one of the best spots for coastal living or holidays in Western Australia.

Here you can enjoy energetic water activities such as jet skiing, kite sailing and surfing to blissfully relaxing coastal parks shaded by trees and scattered picnic areas. Surrounding waterways are jam packed with snapper, dhufish and King George whiting just waiting to take your bait. Fishing charters and ocean wildlife tours surround the coastline. Ferry cruises and magnificent privately owned yachts and launches meander through canals around estuary waters and along the coast.

Be entertained by musical or circus buskers, jazz bands by the foreshore, hotel bands, captivating theater at the world class performing arts center or connecting cinema. Party throughout the night at local hotels and nightclubs that keep the music pumping until early hours of the morning. Finish your night out with a leisurely stroll along the foreshore illuminated with fairy lights among the trees.Enjoy a lifestyle you can only dream of. Where a golf course overlooks pristine beaches, native bushland and the Harvey Estuary. Home to some of Western Australia's most highly-acclaimed courses designed by some of the most renowned names in golf. Equipment hire is available so all you need to bring is yourself.

The Peel Inlet, Harvey Estuary, the Murray and a couple of other rivers provide 150km of inland shoreline and there are 40km of beaches. The town itself is a mixture of old and new, with suburbs continually emerging along the coastal line. Palatial mansions can be found located next to old beach shacks that were synonymous with Mandurahs early heritage.

Thomas Peel, who was the cousin of the British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel, settled in Mandurah in 1829 with a dream of turning it into a rich farming area. He was granted 100,000ha and brought out 3 shiploads of migrants. Bad management and ignorance doomed this scheme.

Almost 2 centuries later there are riches far beyond what he could have dreamed! Mandurah's surrounds grew industrially, while Mandurah itself evolved from being a family coastal paradise, to so much more of a paradise. Mandurah city grew from isolated holiday communities along the shores of the Peel-Harvey Estuary to a now thriving resort surrounded by waterways.

Forests and vineyards extend east to the Darling Escarpment. A dozen river tributaries wind and tumble down the slopes of the Escarpment to extensive wetlands unique to Western Australia.

Mandurah and the Peel Region have become home to some of Western Australia's premium local produce. Fine foods range from locally caught seafood, to exquisite Gold Plate winning fine dining. Full bodied olive oils, spicy olive tapenade, macadamia nut products, hand made chocolates, mouth watering bakeries, different varieties of cheeses are just some of a fantastic range of locally produced products available in Mandurah. The Peel Region is also respected for its Chenin Blanc and Shiraz, and specialty fruit wines and ports.

The Mandurah Community Museum offers visitors an interesting journey into Mandurah's rich history. The building itself was previously a schoolroom in 1898, later becoming Mandurah's police station. The cells are still there.Another heritage icon is Hall's Cottage, which was originally constructed in 1832, and has since been restored to honour early settlers of Western Australia. Preserved heritage buildings around the City provide an portrayal of early life in Mandurah.

22 Jun 2021