Bushfires - Plan & Act

Bushfires - Plan & Act


Bush fires are unpredictable and happen every year. Fires typically occur during the Australian summer months (November to February) due to high temperatures and a dry climate.  When holidaying around Australia, it is ALWAYS a good idea for you to develop a written bushfire survival plan and discuss this with your fellow travelers or family.


Emergency Contacts

  • Bushfire Information Hotline
    1300 362 361
  • DFES - 13 33 37 (Recorded emergency info)
  • In immediate danger? - 000
  • ABC Radio – tune into 891 AM

Keep in Contact

Stay in touch with friends and neighbours.  Be aware of your community's state of preparedness and road closures.  See if your community has a Facebook or Twitter social media account or group, and join.  Keep up to date with those that are posting updates.

Weather Conditions

Be aware of changing forecasts & wind directions and speeds.

Be Decisive - Make a Plan

The single biggest killer is indecision.To survive a bushfire you must be prepared to make your own decisions.

Bushfire Warning Systems

These alerts provide information on the severity of bush fires once it has started. Each alert level reflects the risk to life and property.


A fire has started but there is no immediate threat to lives or homes. Stay alert, keep up to date and watch for signs of a fire.


An out of control fire is approaching and there is a possible threat to lives or homes. Put your plan into action. You need to leave or get ready to defend – do not wait and see. If your plan is to leave, make sure you leave early. Only stay if you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to defend your property and you have all the right equipment.  


An out of control fire is approaching very fast which is a threat to lives or homes. You need to act immediately to survive. If you haven’t prepared your home it is too late. You must leave now if it is safe to do so.  


Take care to avoid any dangers and keep up to date.

26 Apr 2021