Cocklebiddy is situated 64 kilometres east of Caiguna and and 83 kilometres west of Madura, and inland from the Great Australian Bight.

Cocklebiddy Cave

Cocklebiddy is well known for its large cave systems. Ten kilometres northwest of the Cocklebiddy Roadhouse lies Cocklebiddy Cave. In 1983, this cave was expedited to a distance of 6.4 kilometres! By 1995, this distance had been increased on by a further 20 metres depth. The cave system penetrates an aquifer that is ninety metres below the Nullabor Plain. For several hundred metres the Cocklebiddy Cave contains a number of limestone caverns, rock falls and saline subterranean lakes.

* Caution - Caving in the Cocklebiddy area is only for highly organised and experienced caving groups. You must advise someone else where you are going and when you plan to return in case you get into trouble*

Twilight Cove

The magnificent cliffs that overlook the Great Australian Bight are located south of Cocklebiddy. Twilight Cove is located in Nuytsland Nature Reserve and access is only available via a four wheel drive vehicle. Good fishing spot!

Eyre Bird Observatory

Located approximately seventeen kilometres east of Cocklebiddy via a turnoff on the Eyre Highway is the Eyre Bird Observatory. Can only be accessed by four wheel drive vehicle or you can drive as far as the microwave tower (road conditions permitting) and then organise to be picked up and dropped off back at your vehicle by staff at the observatory. Alternatively you can arrange to be collected by the bus service from Cocklebiddy Roadhouse.

  • Roadhouse/Service (gas) Station: 6.30am to 10pm
  • Accommodation: Motel units & Caravan park
  • Bar: 10am to 10pm
  • Medical: Royal Flying Doctor Service (emergencies only) 1800 625 800
  • Restaurant: yes
  • EFTPOS: yes

25 Apr 2021